A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us

Franz Kafka



At the end of the third month of my EVS project, I had a chance to take part in an important week-long celebration held in order to understand the working system of Lithuanian libraries and the idea of librarianship in Lithuania. The National Lithuanian Library week (Nacionalinė Lietuvos bibliotekų savaitė) was packed with all kinds of events.



Lithuanian libraries have plenty of digital equipment, interactive services and activities that appeal to people of all age groups who are successfully adapting to the digital era. For this reason, local people are very interested in each service. A prominent action of the week, starting with the slogan #tuesibiblioteka this year, was that the libraries were inviting their readers to define what library means to them. Descriptions like The library is our second home! or Our love! proved that Lithuanian people have a positive attitude towards libraries.


The first National library week event in Marijampolė was the opening ceremony held at Mercure Hotel. During the event, an exhibition by Romas Linionis, documenting Mariampolė history, was opened. In addition, Noriu žinoti (www.noriuzinoti.lt) a new portal dedicated to Marijampolė town history, developed by Marijampolė P. Kriaučiūnas public library, was introduced. Noriu žinoti was created by adding interactive history encyclopedia to a town map. FurthermoreNoriu žinoti intends to attract user attention with photos, games, historic maps and an e-book archive.


After the opening day, a long week full of events started. Marijampolė P. Kriaučiūnas public library and Multicenter employees organized a theatre play, photo contest, concerts. In addition, a book marked took place at the central library.


In conclusion, my impressions are that Marijampoles libraries attract people of every age group with its advanced structure, active employees and digital services. And I think that activities held in the library for children will prevent the future generations from moving away from books.


Gökhan Kayım

EVS Volunteer